17 Best WordPress Ping.fm Plugins

  • Tilt Social Share Widget

    Tilt Social Share Widget allows your users to quickly share your content on social sites. View "Description" tab for available services.

  • Shorten2Ping

    Sends status updates to Ping.fm everytime you publish a post, using your own domain, bit.ly, wp.me, su.pr, is.gd and others for shortened permalinks.

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  • PingPressFM

    Allows you to spread your blog to 30+ social networks via ping.fm. Now with support for scheduled posts and custom triggers.

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  • WPing.FM

    This a wordpress plugin which updates Ping.FM when you create, edit, or update a blog post.

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  • Ping.fm Custom URL

    Receives blogs, micro-blogs, and status updates from Ping.fm and posts them to your blog in the best way possible.

  • Shorten2PingNG

    Sends status updates to Ping.fm or Twitter everytime you publish a post, using own domain or others for shortened permalinks.

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  • South Africa Sociable Plugin

    Automatically add links on your posts to popular South African and International social bookmarking sites.

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  • schmie_twitter

    Twitter via the normal Service or Twittermail

  • Ping.fm Status Widget

    This is a Wordpress widget to display a status from http://ping.fm in your sidebar. It timestamps the status and makes any URLs it finds clickable.

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  • WP PingFM to post

    Inspired by the most excellent by Ping.fm Custom URL plugin by Matt Jacob. This is a much cruder, simpler plugin that does something vaguely similar.

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  • Spreadr

    Promotes your posts in social networks, via Ping.FM service, and maillists. Selection is made using post tags and categories.

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite ping.fm plugins missing from our list.

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