16 Best WordPress Plug-in Plugins

  • NOAA Weather

    Get NOAA weather information in the sidebar for your locale. Note that NOAA reports weather for US States, Commonwealths, & Territories only.

  • Gravity Forms Data Persistence Add-On

    This plugin makes your Gravity Forms data-persistent.

  • Gravity Forms Data Persistence Add-On Reloaded

    This plugin makes your Gravity Forms data-persistent.

  • AdTaily Widget Light

    Simple AdTaily Widget for WordPress

  • Gravity Forms Sticky Form

    A plugin that makes your Gravity Forms stick!

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  • TouchCast Embed Plugin (beta)

    The TouchCast Embed Plugin allows WordPress sites to easily embed their touchcast videos in any post with the URL of their video.

  • YD BuddyPress Feed Syndication

    Description: Syndicate external RSS feeds into your BuddyPress activity feeds (like with notes on a Facebook wall).

  • EasyChat.me Live Chat

    Install EasyChat.me live chat to your wordpress site and provide users with easy-to-use professional customer service.

  • YD Prevent Comment Impersonation

    Description: Prevents non-registered commentators from using registered logins of site members or authors.

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  • GTranslate Dynamic Media

    Allows media to be dynamically change for the language being displayed with shortcodes. IE: Instructional videos in multiple languages.

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  • Rebel Cookies Notification

    Cookies plugin to display notification to users regarding cookie usage.

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  • MyHomeDVR.com - Watch TV.Record TV

    No Longer Supported...

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  • YD Network Wide NextGen

    Description: Network-wide NGG galleries. Similar to SWT for NGG.

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  • WordPress auto-purge

    Automatically deletes older articles that have not been read, based on WordPress.com stats.

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  • YD Wordpress Plugins Framework

    Description: An object oriented PHP framework for easily building Wordpress plugins and widgets.

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  • Advertising Engine by Brands 2.0

    Brands 2.0 adds advertiser logos to your site's photos in a visually appealing and clutter-free way; earning you more money from every photo viewed

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