17 Best WordPress Postmeta Plugins

  • WP Clean Up

    WP Clean Up can help us to clean up the wordpress database by removing "revision" "draft" "auto draft" and so on.

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  • Custom Field Suite

    A custom fields management UI

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  • Clean Up Optimizer - Optimize & Clean Database

    WP Clean Up Optimizer will extensively clean up your WordPress database along with Optimizing without manual queries.

  • Hikari Category Permalink

    For each post, author can choose which category is used in permalink.

  • WP Extended Search

    Extend default search to search in selected post meta, taxonomies, post types and all authors.

  • Custom Metadata Manager

    An easy way to add custom fields to your object types (post, pages, custom post types, users)

  • Filter Custom Fields & Taxonomies Light

    Create search filter for your posts by using taxonomies or custom fields.

  • Easy WP Cleaner

    Easy WP Cleaner is user friendly plugin to clean unnecessary data from WordPress database and also allows you to optimize your WordPress database.

  • Delete Post Revisions

    We created a tool which helps you to remove useless post revisions from your database.

  • WP-Admin Search Post Meta

    Enables searching post meta fields on admin pages.

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  • Advanced Database Cleaner

    Clean up your database by deleting unused data such as 'revision', optimize your database, or reset it to its initial state, etc.

  • Post Meta Manager

    A simple utility plugin for changing or deleting post or user meta (custom fields) keys in bulk.

  • Display Custom Fields

    This plugin allows you to display the value of a custom field on a page or post. Permitted values are raw text, html, javascript, javascript file url,

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  • Post Status Scheduler

    Change status, categories/tags or postmeta of any post type at a scheduled timestamp.

  • CF Revision Manager

    Add versioning to registered post meta fields when post revisions are made. This is currently a developer library, not an end-user plugin.

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  • WP Extra Fields

    Allows extension of page, post and custom post type by allowing you to create customised form fields to include when adding or editing post types.

  • Metathesis

    Migrate your SEO goodness and other meta-data from one theme or plugin to another WordPress theme or plugin.

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite postmeta plugins.

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