18 Best WordPress Pro Plugins

  • WooCommerce Checkout Manager

    Manages WooCommerce Checkout

  • Smart Manager for WooCommerce & WPeC

    The most popular store admin plugin for WooCommerce. 10x faster, inline updates. Price, inventory, variations management. 200+ features.

  • SportsPress TV - On Demand Sports Videos

    Embed premium news and match highlights using ePlayer, the leading video on demand service for professional sports content.

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  • ACF Fold Flexible Content

    A simple plugin for enhancing the ACF Flexible Content Field. Collapsed flexible content panels with helping icons representing each field types insid

  • Like Gate

    Like Gate allows you to reveal some hidden/secret content when the user likes the article. Therefore increasing the likeness of your articles.

  • User Meta Advanced

    User Meta Pro add-on for advanced settings

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  • Facebook Like Lock

    Facebook Like Lock for Wordpress. Locks your content and user can unlock by clicking on like button.

  • Payment Form for PayPal Pro

    Payment Form for PayPal Pro for accepting credit cards directly into your website without navigating to a PayPal page. Official Paypal Partner.

  • Facebook iFrame Pro™ Plugin WordPress

    Découvrez comment vous pouvez faire apparaitre votre site web dans les comptes sociaux de plus de 1 milliard d'utilisateurs sur Facebook !

  • Payment Credit Card

    PayPal Payment Credit Card. Develop by Official PayPal Partner.

  • adBlock Alerter

    Detects if a user is using adBlock, adBlock Plus or any other software that might be disabling ads on your website and prompts them to disable it.

  • MagPie

    MagPie allows you to import products from/to CSV file and image for WP e-Commerce.

  • Coyote Basic Slider

    Create and manage responsive sliders. After creating your slider just put the shortcode on your page or post. For casual users and developers.

  • Pro Mime Types

    Pro Mime Types allows you to set allowed upload mime types through a nifty network admin menu and considers WPMUdev's Pro Sites!

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  • Ad Blocking Alert

    Detects if your visitor is using ad blocking plugins such as AdBlock, and if so will popup a message asking the visitor to disable or add an exception

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  • Ad Blocking Advisor

    Add a simple and elegant banner that will display to visitors who have ad blocking software installed, advising them to white list your site.

  • WP Talkshoe Live

    This is a Live Now Widget for the Talkshoe.com users to be able to tweet to their own Twitter accounts and launch the Live Pro Client.

  • AA Content Res Pro

    Author :A. Roy / A. Mahmud

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite pro plugins missing from our list.

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