18 Best WordPress Random Quotes Plugins

  • Flexi Quote Rotator

    A plugin for displaying quotes or testimonials or other rotating snippets of content.

  • Stray Random Quotes

    Display and rotate random quotes and words everywhere on your blog. Easy to custom and manage. Multiuser. Ajax enabled.

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  • Easy Random Quotes

    Insert quotes and pull them randomly into your pages and posts (via shortcodes) or your template (via template tags).

  • Nice Quotes Rotator

    Allows display of random quotes via shortcode, a sidebar widget, and/or on the admin page. Quotes can be user-entered, post excerpts or links.

  • mg Quotes

    Manage and publish your favorite quotes with WordPress

  • Free Quotation

    Do you need display quotes or tips on your page? Free Quotation give you posibility to use CSV files with quotation, Wiciquotes or add quote manually

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  • Yet Another Random Quote

    Yet Another Random Quote, a Wordpress plugin which randomly displays quotes.

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  • Quote of the day

    Quote of the day widget displays random quote from selected categories. There are over 38,000 quotes in various categories (Sport quotes, Humorous quo

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  • WP Random Quote

    Display a random quote provided by QOTD.org in your sidebar as a widget or in a page/post using a shortcode. For more info:www.qotd.org/wp-plugin.html

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  • Random Quote of The Day

    Display a random inspirational quote in this lightweight, responsive Wordpress plugin.

  • JM Random Quotes

    A very simple random quotes plugin for WordPress. Supports adding quotes to a database and displaying them randomly in a widget.

  • Flexible Quote Rotator Plus

    Flexible Quote Rotator Plus allows you to add a rotating display of quotations to your site using a shortcode or a widget.

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  • Spanish Quote of the Day

    Spanish Quote of the Day gives you a random notable quote in spanish from todopensamientos.com's database.

  • XV Random Quotes

    Displays and rotates quotes and expressions anywhere on your blog. Easy to customize and manage. Multiuser-powered. Ajax enabled.

  • Quote Of The Moment

    A widgetized and themeable inspirational quote plugin.

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  • Random Business Quotes

    The Random Business Quotes plugin is a widget that displays responsive business and startup quotes on the sidebar/widgets area.

  • Super Simple Quotes

    Super Simple Quotes is just that. A very simple plugin to manage quotes and display a random quote using Ajax or not. Have fun!

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  • WP Dashboard Quotes

    Displays random Quotes in your dashboard. Inspired from Hello Dolly.

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