13 Best WordPress Referer Plugins

  • CyStats

    WordPress blog statistics plugin

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  • NSx Referers

    Display the most frequent visits from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others to your blog

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  • Landing sites

    When visitors is referred to your site from a search engine, the plugin is showing them related posts to their search on your blog.

  • Block Referer Spam

    Blocks referer/referral spam from accessing your site and cleans up your Google Analytics in the process!

  • Visitor Maps Extended Referer Field

    Extend Visitor Maps and Who's Online with extra features, such as IP and referer banning. Display the referring host name and search string.

  • Statrix

    Generates real-time statistics for your blog. You can browse, filter and export detailed data about visitors, spiders, search terms and engines.

  • Forms: 3rd-Party Dynamic Fields

    Provides some dynamic field values via placeholder to plugin "Forms: 3rdparty Integration".

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  • Search Engine query in Wordpress

    If the visitor comes from a known search engine, the widget grabs the used search query and shows internal blog posts that match that query.

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  • ELI's SHAREABLE Widget and In-Bound Link Tracking

    Place the SHAREABLE Widget on your sidebar to display a link to your site, that visitors can copy to their own site (features easy-to-copy link code).

  • Referer Spam Blocker

    Block/blacklist known (and custom) spam referring domains at the WordPress level with an HTTP 403 Forbidden page.

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  • WP-HideRefer

    WP-HideRefer adds proxies to your outgoing links, keeping your site private!

  • Login Redirection Link

    Redirects users to the previous url after login ( and logout ) by adding a redirection parameter to the links.

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  • WP Secure Referer Plugin - Dereferer Service

    Automatically changes all external links on the blog to redirect through various anonymization services, used to hide the source (referer) of traffic.

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