18 Best WordPress Refresh Plugins

  • Clear Cache for Me

    Purges all cache on WPEngine, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Fastest Cache when updating widgets, menus, settings.

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  • Busted!

    Force browsers to load the most recent file if modified.

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  • Ajax Comment Posting

    Posts comments without refreshing the page and validates the comment form using Ajax.

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  • Merge + Minify + Refresh

    Merges/Concatenates CSS & Javascript and then minifies using Minify (for CSS) and Google Closure (for JS with Minify as a fallback).

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  • Warm Cache

    Crawls your website-pages based on your google XML sitemap. If you have a caching plugin or Varnish/nginx caching this will keep your cache warm. Spee

  • Media Library Refresher

    Regenerates missing Media Library thumbnails. If your Media Library is showing images, but not showing the thumbnails this plugin will fix that.

  • WP Live.php

    Automatically refresh your browser if you update a post, or change any files in your theme or plugins directory

  • Image autorefresh shortcode

    Lightweight shortcode plugin created specifically for reloading images that are refreshed on a regular basis (for example from live camera feeds)

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  • Reload

    Automatically refresh your site if you update a post

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  • Woo Related Products

    Woo Related Products...Your Woocommerce related products baker.

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  • Refresh Plugins / Themes / Core

    Usually, WordPress will only check for updates every 12 hours. Now you can quickly and easily refresh/update your WP Database so WordPress will check

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  • CSSrefresh

    Small plugin for web developers, that monitors and refresh your css immediately after saving it

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  • Pull To Resfresh

    Pull To Refresh for the web. Pull to refresh for Wordpress is cool plugin that adds Pull to Refresh feature for your web page.

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  • Reloadr for WordPress

    Watching web project files for change, and refreshes their page automatically.

  • onOffline

    Notify your visitors when their internet connection goes down. Disable links so they don't end up with error pages.

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  • TCBD Auto Refresher

    This plugin will enable auto refresh your page in your Wordpress theme.

  • Force Transient Refresh

    Clear all transients by adding a query string parameter (`?ftr`) to whatever URL you are trying to load. Not for use in production.

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Should we add any refresh plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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