14 Best WordPress Regenerate Plugins

  • AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild

    AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild allows you to rebuild all thumbnails at once without script timeouts on your server.

  • Simple Image Sizes

    Add options in media setting page for images sizes

  • ONet Regenerate Thumbnails

    Fix missing thumbnails in no time with few easy clicks. The plugin does the hard work.

  • OTF Regenerate Thumbnails

    Automatically regenerates your thumbnails on the fly when thumbnail sizes change.

  • reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced

    Description: A plugin that makes regenerating thumbnails even easier than before and more flexible.

  • WP Performance Pack

    Boost WordPress performance: Faster localization, (on the fly) dynamic image resizing and CDN support for images.

  • Thumbnail Cleaner

    Cleans up your WordPress installation by removing and regenerating thumbnails.

  • Reset Slugs

    Because sometimes you just want to revert your slugs to what WordPress thinks is best.

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  • Re-slug

    This plugin allows you to generate a new permalink when you change a post title.

  • Auto-slug

    This plugin generates unicode slug from title You're writing and replaces %postname% part of permalink.

  • Thumby

    Generate thumbnails on demand and store them in WordPress' uploads directory for future requests.

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite regenerate plugins missing from our list.

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