10 Best WordPress Regex Plugins

  • Search Regex

    Search Regex adds a powerful set of search and replace functions to WordPress that go beyond the standard searching capabilities, with full regex supp

  • WP Web Scraper

    An easy to implement web scraper for WordPress. Display realtime data from any websites directly into your posts, pages or sidebar.

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  • Make Clickable Tweet

    A plugin for converting @user mentions, #hashtags and URLs in a tweet into clickable links.

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  • Simple Text Replace

    Applies regular expressions to text and/or title of posts and pages to dinamically replace text before saving to DB.

  • re.place

    re.place adds content filter wich searches in posts for specified patterns (regular expressions) and replaces matches found with specified strings.

  • HTML Cleanup

    A plugin to replace or remove lines of HTML generated by Wordpress and other plugins based on predefined regular expressions.

  • Include Content Slice

    Use a shortcode to include a file (or just a part of a file by using text delimiters) into the current post from any URL, or from the local server.

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  • HTML Regex Replace

    Replace any html you write in editor (Visual or HTML) with pre-defined string. Use Regexp to define patterns for replacement.

  • rexCrawler

    rexCrawler is a regular expression web-crawler plugin. Able to parse websites, save data and show them on pages.

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  • Code Analyzer

    Simple search tool using regular expressions to find unwanted code in plugins.

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