14 Best WordPress Rel Plugins

  • WP External Links (nofollow new window seo)

    Open external links in a new window or tab, adding "nofollow", set link icon, styling, SEO friendly options and more. Easy install and go.

  • Automatic SEO Links

    Forget to put manually your links, just choose a word and a URL and this plugin will replace all matches in the posts of your blog.

  • Rel Nofollow Checkbox

    Adds a checkbox in the insert/edit link popup for including rel="nofollow".

  • Follow Nofollow Control

    You can set all your external links are follow or nofollow by default. You can exclude some domains you want.

  • SEO Nofollow External

    Automatically add rel="nofollow" and target="_blank" to all external links.

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  • NoFollowr

    Browsing a site as an admin, icons are added to external links indicating their nofollow status. Clicking the icons toggles nofollow status via Ajax.

  • Meta Tags

    Add meta tags such as title,description,keywords,index in posts, pages, categories & everywhere on your site.

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  • WP Links

    Take control of external links in WordPress posts, pages & comments. Insert `rel=nofollow` and `target=_blank` to all your external links.

  • WP HTML Author Bio

    Allows you to use HTML and rel= in author's bio , this helps you to get indexed as an author in Google Search

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  • Nofollow External Link

    Insert 'rel=nofollow' and 'target=_blank' to all the external links automatically into your website posts or pages.

  • WordPress Fix HTML5 Validation

    WordPress Fix HTML5 Validation

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  • Biographical Info Paragraphed

    Allows HTML tags like <p> <br /> <a href="#" rel="author"> etc. in your author profiles Biographical Info field.

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  • WPF Force External Nofollow

    Automatically inserts `rel="nofollow"` into all the external links on your wordpress posts or pages.

  • Blank Target Replacement

    A target=_blank replacement using a small piece of javascript and rel=external.

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