10 Best WordPress Rights Plugins

  • Capability Manager Enhanced

    A simple way to manage WordPress roles and capabilities.

  • Capability Manager

    A simple way to manage WordPress roles and capabilities. With this plugin you will be able to easily create and manage roles and capabilities.

  • Creative Commons Configurator

    Helps you publish your content under the terms of Creative Commons and other licenses.

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  • Creative Commons Generator

    This plugin display a Creative Commons banner below your posts in WordPress. All metadata included.

  • Social Access Control

    Based on the 3rd-party Category Access, this plugin provides the core functionality for restricting the access permissions of posts. This gives you t

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  • Access Expiration

    For each post or category, you can limit the number of views and the amount of time that an item remains viewable by each user after he or she first

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  • Stop Censorship Ribbon

    Help stop CISPA and internet censorship by putting a ribbon that says Stop Censorship on your WordPress site or network. the ribbon links to http://ww

  • Disclose-Secret

    Only shows WordPress articles to other users if the user meets certain access criteria.

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  • Social Privacy

    Social Privacy is a set of open-source plugins for WordPress that restrict the read access of posts or categories to only specified registered users.

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  • WP Licenses

    Adiciona licenças Creative Commons, Copyright e domínio público para cada post individualmente.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite rights plugins.

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