15 Best WordPress Selector Plugins

  • Media File Manager

    You can make sub-directories in the upload directory, and move files into them.

  • Theme Switcher Reloaded

    Theme Switcher Reloaded is an updated and much improved version of the original Theme Switcher. Comes with a widget and can also switch themes via URL

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  • Genesis Style Select

    Permits users to quickly and easily change style sheets with the Genesis framework themes

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  • mqtranslate langcode widget selector

    Plugin that creates a widget with a language switcher with language codes. It's compatible with qtranslate and mqtranslate plugin.

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  • theme-selector

    Theme selector enables users to preview and activate themes through an interface similar to tumblr.

  • Woocommerce Category based sitemaps

    Product Category based sitemap for easy indexing

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  • StatsFC Squad Selector

    This widget will place a bespoke squad selector on your website.

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  • Woocommerce Coupon Selector

    Let Your Customers Chose from all available coupons

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  • Easy Color Manager

    To Change Your Site Color and Images Easily.

  • Translation Exchange - Translate Your WordPress Site In Minutes!

    Translate your WordPress site in minutes.

  • Advanced Custom Fields: Link

    Integrates WordPress' default link picker into Advanced Custom Fields

  • Project Selector

    Add project compatibility and versions to posts or pages

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  • GNMediaSelector

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  • Theme Catalog

    Attractive front-end theme switcher/preview allowing demo of all themes, with menu and widget handling.

  • Advanced Custom Fields: Link

    Integrates WordPress' default link picker into Advanced Custom Fields

Let us know if there are any of your favorite selector plugins missing from our list.

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