15 Best WordPress Semiologic Plugins

  • External Links

    The external links plugin for WordPress lets you process outgoing links differently from internal links.

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  • Author Image

    Lets you easily add author images on your site.

  • Dofollow

    *Deprecated* - The Dofollow plugin lets you remove the evil nofollow attribute from your comments. Because nofollow will not work.

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  • Auto Thickbox

    Automatically enables thickbox on thumbnail images (i.e. opens the images in a fancy pop-up).

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  • XML Sitemaps

    Automatically generates XML Sitemaps for your site and notifies search engines when they're updated.

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  • Subscribe Me

    Adds widgets that let you display subscribe links to RSS readers such as Feedly or Bloglines.

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  • Autolink URI

    *Deprecated* - The Autolink URI plugin for WordPress automatically converts urls to hyperlinked urls.

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  • Bookmark Me

    Adds buttons that let your visitors share your content on social media sites.

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  • Fancy Excerpt

    The fancy excerpt plugin for WordPress replaces the default automatic excerpt generator with a sentence aware excerpt generator.

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  • Frame Buster

    The frame buster plugin for WordPress will thwart any attempt to load your site in a frame.

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  • Admin Menu

    The admin menu plugin for WordPress sticks key admin menu links to the top of your blog's screen.

  • Opt-In Front Page

    Lets you add posts to your front page on an opt-in basis.

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  • Unfancy Quote

    *Retired*: The unfancy quote plugin for WordPress lets you override WordPress' quote fancification.

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  • Uploads Folder

    *Retired* - Changes your uploads subfolders to more natural paths that are unique to posts and pages.

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  • Link Widgets

    Replaces WordPress' default, single link widget with multiple, advanced links widgets.

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