17 Best WordPress Sendgrid Plugins

  • MailPoet Newsletters

    Send newsletters post notifications or autoresponders from WordPress easily, and beautifully. Start to capture subscribers with our widget now.

  • SendGrid

    Send emails throught Sendgrid from your WordPress installation using SMTP or API integration.

  • SendPress Newsletters

    A Newsletter Plugin for WordPress to create, send, manage and track your Newsletters in one place.

  • MyMail SendGrid Integration

    Uses SendGrid to deliver emails for the MyMail Newsletter Plugin for WordPress. This requires at least version 2.0.25 of the plugin

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  • ET Mailing

    Integrated with Mandrill and Mailgun, ET Mailing helps you to send, receive and track emails effortlessly

  • MailPoet Newsletters - Mandrill Spam and Bounce Cleaner

    Allows MailPoet users to easily unsubscribe or delete newsletter subscribers who have bounced, rejected, reported you for spam and more. This will hel

  • Saksh WP SMTP

    Saksh WP SMTP can help us to integrate SMTP to your wordpress installation. So that you don't need to use mail() function.

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  • Smart Email Alerts

    Enable your readers to subscribe to custom email alerts for all the topics, authors and categories of your website.

  • Caldera SMTP Mailer

    Send system emails through SMTP server

  • SendPress For WooCommerce

    Easy to use Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress to create, send, manage and track your Newsletters.

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  • WP Email Delivery

    Simple, Easy to setup API based email delivery for WordPress. No SMTP needed!

  • RainmakerMoxie

    RainmakerMoxie (BETA-limited support) is an interactive sidebar widget. Enter an email address and it displays a photo, name, social links and more.

  • sendwithus

    Easily integrate transactional email into WordPress' default emails.

  • Mailer

    Mailer queues and throttles emails from WordPress to keep the email flow within provider limits. Every new registered user if email sending is enabled

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