16 Best WordPress Shadowbox Plugins

  • Lightbox

    Lightbox is the perfect tool for viewing photos.

  • Shadowbox JS

    Shadowbox is an online media vieiwing application similar to Lightbox and Thickbox but with more functionality. Supports all types of media.

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  • Cleaner Gallery

    A cleaner WordPress [gallery] that integrates with multiple Lightbox-type scripts.

  • Auto Thickbox

    Automatically enables thickbox on thumbnail images (i.e. opens the images in a fancy pop-up).

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  • Lightbox

    Lightbox Slider plugin is allow users to view larger versions of images, simple slide shows and Gallery view with grid layout.

  • Slideshow Gallery Pro

    This plugin will self-destruct within 5 minutes of installation. No, seriously, download Satellite instead

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  • Add LightBox & Title

    This plugin for WordPress automatically add the rel="lightbox[ID-OF-THE-POST]" and recovers the image title.

  • Lightbox Gallery

    Lightbox Gallery plugin is allow users to view larger versions of images, simple slide shows and Gallery view with Responsive grid layout.

  • Clifton's Lightbox

    Clifton's Lightbox implements a lightbox subscription form overlay. Features a title, list, call-to-action, and image or video.

  • Always Valid Lightbox

    Always Valid Lightbox is a Lightbox plugin whose markup adapts to the WP site's Doctype, in order to always provide valid HTML markup.

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  • Popup Colorbox

    Huge-It Popup Colorbox is the most spellbinding plugin in WordPress that implement Lightbox-effect look of the images and videos

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  • NGG Video Extend

    Addon plugin for Nextgen Gallery that adds the ability to have video lightboxes

  • Ez Overlay

    A simple lightbox plugin designed to enable you to display html content within a popup window using just about any html element as a trigger.

  • WP-Announcements

    Display a post as a site wide announcement, notice, ad or emergency alert on your website via a marquee or popup window using ShadowBox-JS or ThickBox

  • PhotoJAR: Base

    PhotoJAR: Base provides numerous enhancements to the Wordpress gallery and provides a framework for additional PhotoJAR plugins.

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  • Always Valid Lightbox Mod

    Always Valid Lightbox Mod is a Lightbox plugin which adapts to site's DOCTYPE and provides a valid HTML markup.

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