15 Best WordPress Shopp Plugins

  • Shopp

    A professional, high-performance e-commerce development plugin for WordPress.

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  • Pronamic iDEAL

    The Pronamic iDEAL plugin allows you to easily add the iDEAL payment method to your WordPress website.

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  • Shopify Importer

    Import products from a Shopify.com online store into your blog.

  • CGD Arrange Terms

    Arrange, re-order, and sort your categories, tags, and other taxonomy terms with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

  • Piggy eCommerce Stats

    Adds a real-time sales mobile web-app for iPhone/iPod touch/Android. Works with WP e-Commerce, Woo Commerce, Cart66 or Shopp e-commerce.

  • Shopp + MailChimp

    Customers who opt-in to email marketing from your WordPress e-commerce site during checkout are added to a specified list on MailChimp.

  • ShipWorks Connector for WordPress

    ShipWorks for Wordpress build a bridge between your E-Commerce sites on Wordpress (such as WooCommerce) and ShipWorks.

  • Shopp Facebook Like Button

    Add the Facebook Like-Button to your Shopp product pages. The link on Facebook will link back to the actual product page.

  • Shopp Image Tools

    Quickly convert all of your database-stored Shopp product images to regular disk files - provides faster performance within many hosting environments

  • Shopp Product Page Browser

    Add "previous/next"-product links to your Shopp webshop's product pages.

  • Shopp Custom Categories Widget

    Provides an alternative category widget featuring fine grained control for use with the Shopp plugin.

  • Tussendoor Shopp 1.2.* NL / Dutch plugin

    Deze plugin biedt u de vertaling voor de Shopp 1.2.* plugin naar het Nederlands

  • eCommerce Dashboard

    This plugin allows you to see your e-commerce sale stats on your mobile device.

  • Shopp Customer Register

    Allows users to register as a customer on Shopp without having to place an order.

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  • Shopp Default Breadcrumb Extender

    Add hierachical breadcrumb to your Shopp webshop product pages.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite shopp plugins.

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