14 Best WordPress Sidebars Plugins

  • WooSidebars

    WooSidebars adds functionality to display different widgets in a sidebar, according to a context (for example, a specific page or a category).

  • Custom Sidebars

    Create your own widgetized areas and choose on which pages they show up - "Easy to use. Even with complex themes. Made my work much easier."

  • Simple Page Sidebars

    Easily assign custom, widget-enabled sidebars to any page.

  • Shortcodes in Sidebar Widgets

    Shortcodes in Sidebar Widgets plugin allows shortcodes to properly execute when they are used in sidebar text widgets.

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  • eVision Responsive Column Layout Shortcodes

    This WordPress plugin gives you an easy way to add columns to any section - page , post or other content .

  • Unyson

    A simple and easy way to build a powerful website.

  • Restrict Widgets

    All in one widgets and sidebars management in WordPress. Allows you to hide or display widgets on specified pages and restrict access for users.

  • Theme Blvd Widget Areas

    When using a Theme Blvd theme, this plugin extends the framework's widget area system.

  • Per Page Sidebars

    The Per Page Sidebars (PPS) plugin allows blog administrators to create a unique sidebar for each Page. No template editing is required.

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  • Stag Custom Sidebars

    Create custom dynamic sidebars and use anywhere with shortcodes.

  • Multiple Sidebars

    A wonderful plugin to easily create many custom sidebars. These sidebars can then select in the creation of a post / page / custom post type / categor

  • Responsive Column Widgets

    Creates a custom responsive column widget box.

  • WooSidebars Sidebar Manager Converter

    Use the WooSidebars Sidebar Manager Converter to convert your sidebars from the WooFramework's old Sidebar Manager to the new WooSidebars plugin.

  • Use Shortcodes in Sidebar Widgets

    This plugin lets you run shortcodes in sidebar widgets. Put your [shortcode] in a widget and it will run properly.

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