17 Best WordPress Silverlight Plugins

  • MediaElement.js - HTML5 Video & Audio Player

    MediaElement.js is an HTML5 video and audio player with Flash fallback and captions. Supports IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and iPhone, iPad, And

  • PanoPress

    PanoPress allows easy embedding of 360° Panoramas & Virtual Tours created with KRPano, Panotour, Pano2VR & others using Flash & HTML5

  • Silverlight for WordPress

    Silverlight for WordPress allows a WordPress user to specify a Silverlight application (XAP) to embed within their content easily.

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  • Silverlight Video Player

    Add a Video Player in your posts.

  • Smooth Streaming Video Player (SVP)

    This plugin allow you to play some adaptive streaming (with Smooth Streaming in live mode or not) and progressive download videos linked to your posts

  • Silverlight Gallery

    Add a Silverlight gallery to your wordpress posts, witch uses the post attached images

  • Simply Silverlight

    Simply Silverlight is a plugin for deploying Silverlight content in WordPress websites.

  • Silverlight Media Player for WordPress

    Silverlight Media Player for WordPress allows a WordPress user to specify media URL (either normal download or Smooth Streaming) to embed video in the

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  • Silverlight Audio Player for WordPress

    Silverlight Audio Player for WordPress allows a WordPress user to specify an audio file to be played back using the Silverlight Audio Player from Mark

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  • One Sport - Route Map

    Create, display and share routes guests or admins have drawn in the mapping tool.

  • Silverlight Bing Maps

    Add an interactive Map in your wordpress posts based on BingMap and Silverlight

  • Monoblog

    Monoblog is a widget plugin that allows recordings of you reading your blogs aloud for the seeing/reading impaired or for people on the go.

  • Silverlight2.0 Addin

    An addin to host any silverlight2.0 application

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite silverlight plugins missing from our list.

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