14 Best WordPress Snapshot Plugins

  • Lime Export

    Database export utility.

  • ShrinkTheWeb (STW) Website Previews Plugin

    This plugin accesses the ShrinkTheWeb API to automatically replace special tags in posts with website screenshots, where desired.

  • MyLinks2

    MyLinks2 displays dynamically generated thumbnail images from your blogroll or link on a Page or Post.

  • Video Share VOD

    Video Share / Video on Demand (VOD) plugin allows WordPress users and admins to share videos and others to watch from various devices.

  • WordPress Snap

    WordPress Snap is a simple shortcode for display a thumbnail from any website.

  • Wordpress MyLinks - The link directory with automatical thumbnail generation

    Displays blogroll links on a Page or Post. Insert `[mylinks]` to a Page or Post and it will display all your blogroll links there- with live snapshots

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  • JW Player Snapshot Tool

    JW Player Snapshot Tool is a small JW Player module to create video snapshot

  • Snap A Site

    The easiest way to take and embed snapshot of a site on Wordpress blog.

  • MindValley Widget Snapshot

    Takes snapshots , enable import and export widget settings & configurations.

  • Web Screenshort

    This plugin allows any WordPress user to easily add thumbnail previews This plugin using webthumbnail.org api

  • Web Shrinker - Website Link Preview Thumbnails

    This plugin enables "link previews" within WordPress posts by showing a popup thumbnail of the destination website.

  • Thumbshots plugin

    This plugin uses the Thumbshots.RU API to replace special tags in posts with website screenshots.

  • Pagepeeker

    Automate Website Screenshots Creation.

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  • WP-SnapAvatar

    This plugin puts the commentor's website screenshot where there is no gravatar.

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