11 Best WordPress Source Plugins

  • WP Code Highlight

    WP Code Highlight provides clean syntax highlighting and it also provides a code button.

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  • CM Tooltip Glossary

    Easily create a Glossary, Encyclopaedia or Dictionary of your terms and show tooltip when users hover over. Many powerful features

  • WP-Protect (no right clicking, text selection, or image dragging)

    Protect your WordPress site against right clicks, text selection, and image dragging.

  • Power Code Editor

    Enables syntax highlighting in the integrated source code editors. Supports PHP, HTML, CSS and JS.

  • HTML Post Editor

    Adds HTML tab to the post editor which shows the raw source of the page and is highlighted with the Ace Editor

  • WP-Beautifier

    Beautifier provides several options to clean up WP's messy (X)HTML source code output, such as code indentation.

  • Syntax Highlighter Compress

    Syntax Highlighter ComPress is a plugin for code syntax highlighting. It loads fast on the website and code can pasted easily into Wordpress.

  • SyntaxHighlighter Plus

    Easily post source code such as PHP or HTML and display it in a styled box.

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  • TR WP Custom Login Page

    WP Custom Login Page allows you to change your unlimited custom logo,unlimited custom text,unlimited custom color etc. with its lots of features.

  • WooCommerce Hear About Us

    Ask where your new customers come from at checkout.

  • Source Affix

    A plugin for adding source links to your Post. Supports Page and Custom Post Type also.

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