19 Best WordPress Specific Plugins

  • Page Specific Stylesheets

    Adds a box allowing for the addition of page-specifc and post-specific CSS stylesheets. Reduces the need to edit and clutter up the style.css file.

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  • Add Links to Pages

    Add Links to Pages allows you to add page specific links and have tim displayed through a widget.

  • Awebsome! Browser Selector

    Empower your CSS selectors! Write specific CSS code for each Platform/Browser/Version the right way.

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  • Widget Alias

    Duplicate any existing widget using the Widget Alias widget and shortcode.

  • Super Search

    Generates a drop-down list and a text box to allow your visitors to search for posts within specific categories.

  • Specific Files

    This plugin allows you to include CSS or JS files in specific posts and pages.

  • PageNamed Menu Classes

    The very first plugin to style your menu list or page listing items differently. ( i.e. custom icons for each menu! )

  • Per Page Sidebar Blocks

    Include sidebar templates on a per-page basis.

  • Post's Categories in Sidebar

    Displays the categories for a single post in the sidebar.

  • Category and Tag Specific Widgets

    Display widgets for specific categories or tags.

  • Post-Specific Comments Widget (PSCW)

    A widget that displays recent comments from a specific post or page ID. Display format is highly customizable with shortcodes and unique CSS tags.

  • This page needs files

    Allow to include urls to javascript and css files inside the HTML header on a page/post specifc basis.

  • Specific Tweets

    Display a Specific user's Tweets containing a specific hashtag or phrase

  • WP Specific Comment

    Allows for the use of a template tag which returns a comment (specified by its ID) for use as an object.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite specific plugins.

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