11 Best WordPress Tasks Plugins

  • TaskFreak! Free

    Task management plugin from the authors of TaskFreak!

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  • To Do List

    Finally, a simple way to keep track of important tasks and activities! Every registered user can maintain an individual to-do list using the built-in

  • To Do List Member

    To Do List Member adds todolists and tasks using custom taxonomy and post type to your blog.

  • Easy Project

    Easy to use yet powerful project management tool

  • BP GTM System

    Turn your site into a developer center, where tasks, projects, discussions, categories and tags will help you maintain products. Powered by WP-BP.com

  • Simple Tasks & Todo's

    A simple Todo-checklist and task manager, which allows you to create and manage tasks from every page on your website through an overlay view.

  • CWX Project

    CWX Project is an easy to use Project Management and ToDo-List application for Wordpress Blogs, encouraging collaborative work.

  • scifi Task Manager

    Simple admin dashboard task manager.

  • ToDo Plugin

    This plugin lets you create and manage a todo list. Writers are sent assignments and a list kept on the Dashboard on the status of the assignments.

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  • Propel

    This plugin allows users to manage projects and tasks.

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  • Smart ToDo Plugin

    This plugin creates Smart ToDo post types, break into tasks and categorized as Projects. Timers are added on each tasks.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite tasks plugins.

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