20 Best WordPress Temperature Plugins

  • My Weather

    Display your city's weather on your sidebar. Choice of widget designs and sizes.

  • WCP OpenWeather

    The multilanguage weather forecast plugin based on OpenWeatherMap API that includes various sidebar widgets and shortcodes.

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  • Yahoo! Weather Forecasts

    Get your favorite city weather in a widget with Yahoo! Weather. Easy to customize and support multi-widget.

  • Weather Station

    Display on your WordPress site, in many elegant ways, the meteorological data collected by public or personal weather stations.

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  • TWN Weather

    Display your city's weather on the sidebar. Choose from a variety of designs and sizes.

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  • Clima

    Levanta imagen y temperatura de yahoo clima

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  • ZigWeather

    ZigWeather gives you a multi-widget to show weather on your site.

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  • Metar

    Include global (and all Australian) aviation METAR or TAF reports, and individual components of weather data, on your website with shortcodes.

  • Weather Slider

    Lee el tiempo desde Yahoo! Weather, de los códigos de las ciudades insertadas en el formulario. Muestra en los templates con efecto slider.

  • WorldWeather Pro

    WorldWeather Pro is a simple, customizable weather widget for WordPress.

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  • Raspberry Weather

    This plugin displays data recorded by your weather station. It connects to your database and draws a nice line graph.

  • Weather Postin'

    Saves current weather information when a post is published. Weather information is then displayed after the post's contents.

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  • JKL Unit Converter

    A simple Unit Converter widget that allows you to between various units. (Inspired by Google's Unit Converter.)

  • wp-ng-weather

    wp-ng-weather let's you put a weather widget anywhere in your blog

  • m1.MiniWeather

    This plugin easily displays a weather widget with a destination of your choice.

  • Goetemp

    With this plugin, the hourly current data of the weather station Nohlstraße in Göttingen be retrieved and displayed.

  • ALDNBURG Inline Weather Shortcodes

    Display weather information via shortcode. No fancy widget, just plain text. Current or forecast.

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