20 Best WordPress Tracking Code Plugins

  • NK Google Analytics

    NK Google Analytics for Wordpress adds necessary javascript to enable Google Analytics tracking on your website.

  • Tracking Code Manager

    A plugin to manage ALL your tracking code and conversion pixels. Compatible with Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, ..

  • Clicky Analytics

    This plugin will display Clicky Web Analytics data and statistics inside your WordPress Blog.

  • AddFunc Head & Footer Code

    Easily add code to your head and/or footer, site-wide and/or on any individual page/post.

  • Google Analytics Adder With User Id Tracking

    Easily add your Google Analytics to your Wordpress site. Use classic analytics code or Google's new Univeral Analytics. If you use Universal An

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  • HubSpot Tracking Code for WordPress

    HubSpot's WordPress plugin allows existing HubSpot customers and trial users to install the HubSpot tracking code on their existing WordPress blo

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  • Easy Google Webmaster Tools

    Easily Add Google Webmaster tools for your websites and tracking all pages your sites perfectly.

  • Tracking Script Manager

    Easy tag management. Manage the tracking tags, codes and scripts you use in your WordPress site; easily add, update, reorder, delete, as required.

  • Head & Footer Code

    Easy add site-wide and/or article specific custom code before the </head> or </body> by hooking to wp_head and wp_footer.

  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

    Easily Configure Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools for your wordpress websites & blogs.

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  • TR WP Custom Login Page

    WP Custom Login Page allows you to change your unlimited custom logo,unlimited custom text,unlimited custom color etc. with its lots of features.

  • TR Easy Google Analytics

    Easily Add Google Analytics for your websites and tracking all pages your sites perfectly.

  • Embed Code

    Easiest way embed code in the head or footer of your site.

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  • Insert Code Lite

    Simple way of adding custom scipts and styles to your website.

  • Vanilla Bean - Meta Maid

    Simple header and footer code injector

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  • Simplitics

    By adding a textarea to the General Settings page, you can easily add your Google Analytics (or any other) tracking code to your site.

  • Google Analytics Site Wide

    Adding tracking code to all sites with the ability to select the placement of tracking code in the header or footer.

  • Fern Leaf Regulatory Notices

    Add notices to the header or footer of your site and/or control notices on individual posts. Add script to your site or posts.

  • WPVKP Custom Login Page

    Customize Wordpress login page easily according to your theme or any other custom style with Custom Login Page Styler.

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  • Canada Post Tracking Shortcode

    Generate a parcel-tracking URL using [cp_tracker_link] shortcode.

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