17 Best WordPress Travel Plugins

  • Nomad World Map

    Create your own custom travel map. Link locations on the map to blog posts and share your travel plans.

  • Booking.com Official Search Box

    The official Booking.com search box is a user-friendly, customisable plugin to add the Booking.com search box to your own website in two easy steps.

  • Weather Layer

    Display weather data on your blog thanks to Yahoo! Weather. Example of use : [weatherlayer country="France" city="Paris"]

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  • Simple Booking Form

    Simple Booking form for WordPress. An instant setup, free booking request form for your WordPress hotel, B&B, or accommodation website!

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  • Booking.com Affiliate plugin

    Booking.com Affiliates : add a customized booking.com searchbox to your wordpress site in 2 clicks.

  • Travelmap

    Generates a map of your travels in any post or page based on a list of places.

  • Travelpayouts: Flights & Hotels Travel Search

    Earn money and make your visitors happy! Offer them useful travel tools to find cheap flights and hotels. Earn on commission for each booking.

  • TimeZoneCalculator

    Calculates, displays and automatically updates times and dates in different timezones with respect to daylight saving.

  • Travel Search

    Search and Compare major travel websites for cheapest flights, hotels, car rentals and vacation packages in this one-step travel search engine.

  • Map My Posts

    Map My Posts allows you to display a Google Map or Geochart visualization, associating map locations with your existing categories or tags.

  • WorldCurrency

    Recognises users by IP address and shows them converted values in their local currency, you can write post/pages in multiple currencies.

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  • LocalCurrency

    Show currency values to readers in their local currency (in brackets after the original value).

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  • WP Visited Countries

    Creates and shows your visited countries map to your visitors. Show them that you've conquered the world! :)

  • RomeLuv Google Maps for WordPress

    Google Maps on your blog, the easy way: every post can have an address. Instantly add a Map. Build then a category map. Ideal for mapping itineraries.

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  • WP World Travel

    Show your current location and travel schedule in the sidebar of your travel blog. Readers can propose meetups at each of your future destinations.

  • 100 Cities

    Add great content to your posts automatically: just choose a city and get a map, photos, data, and related offers. Very useful for travel bloggers!

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