16 Best WordPress Twitpic Plugins

  • Twitter button plus

    Twitter button plus is nice and useful tool to show Twitter tweet button on your website.

  • TwitPic

    Displays your latest pictures from TwitPic in the sidebar of your blog. The plugin is widget ready and comes with many configuration options!

  • My Pictures Widget

    This easy to use Widget shows your Twitpic or Mobypicture pictures and is very easy to configure.

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  • Tweet Images

    A replacement for TwitPic, yFrog, etc, for posting images from Twitter clients to your blog. Creates a post per image.

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  • TweetPress

    Use your Wordpress blog to host the photos you post to Twitter!

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  • Twitpic Profile Widget

    This widget will display your Twitpic Profile in the widget area displaying your latest twitpics.

  • wp-twitpic

    wp-twitpic inserts an image from twitpic.com into your blog post using the unique hash (id) provided by twitpic.

  • TwitVid

    Converts links to videos hostet at twitvid.com in your posts or pages to embedded players.

  • wpMyTwitPic

    wpMyTwitPic takes a twitter users images that have been uploaded to the TwitPic service and displays a custom number of them on a page.

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  • Tweet Map

    This plugin displays your geo tagged Twitter tweets on Google maps and also shows your Twitter, Twitpic, Twitgoo, and yfrog photos.

  • Twitter2Press

    Use your Wordpress blog to host the photos you post to Twitter!

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  • Media EP

    A non-authenticating WordPress Media Endpoint for Twitter Clients. It does NOT require O-Auth or Twitter developer keys.

  • Twitpic Expander

    Twitpic Expander scans posts for twitpic URL's and automatically expands them and shows an image.

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite twitpic plugins missing from our list.

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