13 Best WordPress Types Plugins

  • Custom Post Type UI

    Admin UI for creating custom post types and custom taxonomies in WordPress

  • WP Realtime Sitemap

    A sitemap plugin to make it easier for your site to show all your pages, posts, archives, categories and tags in an easy to read format without any ne

  • Capability Manager Enhanced

    A simple way to manage WordPress roles and capabilities.

  • WCK - Custom Fields and Custom Post Types Creator

    A must have tool for creating custom fields, custom post types and taxonomies, fast and without any programming knowledge.

  • RB Internal Links

    Link to posts and pages within your blog using shortcodes, similar to a wiki or cms. No need to remember full URLs, post ids or slugs with the wysiwyg

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  • CPT-onomies: Using Custom Post Types as Taxonomies

    Use your custom post types as taxonomies. Create powerful relationships between your posts and, therefore, powerful content.

  • More Taxonomies

    Add more taxonomies to your WordPress installation.

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  • Easy PayPal Custom Fields

    Easily add a PayPal 'donate' or 'buy now' button to your site.

  • WordPress Calendar For Custom Post Types

    Because the builtin calendar doesn't have such an option.

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  • Simple Custom post type custom field

    Rich Features like Create Custom post types, Add many types of fields (like date,content ref,user ref.), Add fields in list view, Add metainfo(SEO)

  • WP App Studio

    WP App Studio is the #1 Visual Development Tool for building custom post types, fields, taxonomies, views, widgets, forms, notifications, charts ...

  • Content Template Widget for Toolset Views

    Allows you to add a Widget that displays a Content Template from Toolset Views

  • Sharedaddy More Control

    Adds more options to control where Sharedaddy is being displayed.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite types plugins.

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