19 Best WordPress Uploader Plugins

  • Theme Check

    A simple and easy way to test your theme for all the latest WordPress standards and practices. A great theme development tool!

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  • NextGEN Public Uploader

    NextGEN Public Uploader is an extension to NextGEN Gallery which allows frontend image uploads for your users.

  • WP Resized Image Quality

    Get better uploaded quality or save bandwidth: Change the JPEG compression-level of uploaded images and thumbnails.

  • YouTube for WordPress

    YouTube for WordPress is a complete, all in one, YouTube solution for WordPress installations.

  • Wordpress Flash Uploader

    'Wordpress Flash Uploader' is a replacement of the internal flash uploader which let you also manage your whole Wordpress installation and s

  • Media from FTP

    Register to media library from files that have been uploaded by FTP.

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  • Image & Text Widget

    Easy to use plugin that uses the native WordPress media manager to add image widgets to your site.

  • ThemeForest-Check

    A supplement to the Theme-Check plugin that adds checks for ThemeForest's WordPress Theme Submission Requirements.

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  • Dynamic Image Resizer

    Make your images change sizes dynamically.

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  • Plugin-Check

    Simple tool to test all installed plugins using the tests provided by Theme-Check

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  • Front End Upload

    Provides the most basic implementation allowing site visitors to upload files to the Media library and notify admin

  • EGW Hover Effects

    A simple widget that makes it a breeze to add images,Content, And CSS3 Hover Animation.

  • SB Uploader

    An easy, customer/user friendly way to upload images and attach them to your content. Optionally sets the featured image. Sometimes you just want to u

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  • Image Collections

    WordPress image uploader and organizer.

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  • Image Uploader for Welcart

    Create metabox with image uploader for ‘Welcart e-Commerce’. It allows user to upload and sort images directory from each edit page.

  • NextGen Public Image Uploader (PUP)

    This plugin will allow frontend image uploads. It will intergrate with NextGen Gallery, but it can be used as a standalone uploader as well.

  • Arfaly Mass - Free Multi File Uploader

    Free professional & elegant front end multi file uploader. Arfaly allows you to upload, delete, preview and manage digital files with ease.

  • Bulk Images to Posts

    Bulk upload images to create posts / custom posts with featured images.

  • RAD Dropbox Uploader

    Allow users to upload files directly to your Dropbox account from WordPress administration! Also use the easy to customize shortcode to allow your use

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