20 Best WordPress Urls Plugins

  • Velvet Blues Update URLs

    Updates all urls and content links in your website.

  • WP-HTML-Compression

    Reduce file size by shortening URLs and safely removing all standard comments and unnecessary whitespace from an HTML document.

  • wp-Typography

    Improve your web typography with: hyphenation, space control, intelligent character replacement, and CSS hooks.

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  • Go Live Update URLS

    This Plugin Updates all the URLs in the database to point to the new URL when making your site live or changing domains.

  • WordPress Shortcodes

    An amazing set of great shortcodes: SEO-ready tabs, sections, buttons, links to any content, author cards, lists, layouts, conditionals and more!

  • Auto-hyperlink URLs

    Version: 4.0 Automatically hyperlink text URLs and email addresses originally written only as plaintext.

  • List all URLs

    Creates a page in the admin panel under Settings > List All URLs that outputs an ordered list of all of the website's published URLs.

  • Light SEO

    WordPress SEO plugin. Focused in creating a clean plugin, with emphasis in source code's good practices.

  • SiteCondor SEO

    Improve your on-page SEO, optimize content quality, and keep your site healthy.

  • WP Permastructure

    Adds the ability to configure permalinks for custom post types using rewrite tags like %post_id% and %author%.

  • Affiliate Link Manager

    Manage all of your affiliate links easily, short links using your own domain, see report of all views and more...

  • WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links

    Cloak your WooCommerce external & affiliate links.

  • Heat Map Tracker

    Analyze your visitors via Mouse Click and Mouse Move Heat Maps!

  • SEO Internal Link Shortcode

    Internal links to posts, custom-type posts, pages, categories and tags with any HTML attribute(s).

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  • WP-301

    Easily 301 redirect any page or URL on your website to a new location anywhere on the internet.

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  • WP URLs Shortener + Social icons [Official]

    Automatic wordpress link shortner, shorterns posts, pages, categories, affiliate links, shorten external links or any URL via ref.li

  • Unique Cursor

    With this plugin you can set unique mouse cursor for your wordpress site

  • ABT Relative Urls

    Replaces default absolute, self-referencing urls in post content with the relative path "/" instead. Works on images and post-meta.

  • 22 Social Buttons

    With this plugin you can easy set cool 22 social buttons

  • YD *FAST* Page update

    Speed-up page updating, when using custom permalinks and a lot of pages.

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