18 Best WordPress World Of Warcraft Plugins

  • WoW Progress

    A widget that helps to display guild raid progress.

  • World of Warcraft - Armory Table

    Wordpress Plugin to display your World of Warcraft guild characters.

  • WoW Armory Character

    Pulls character information from the WoW community API and displays it.

  • Blizzard Quotes

    Add a blue quote to your post or pages like GM posts in battle.net forums with a great style, using [bluequote][/bluequote].

  • WoW Breaking News

    World of Warcraft Breaking News Displaying Widget

  • WoWRecrut

    WoWRecrut is a World of Warcraft Class recruitment Widget.

  • WOW Server Status Widget

    Easily add WOW Server Status 4.1 badge to your wordpress site by just a few clicks.

  • WoW Blue Quotes

    Add a blue quote to your post or pages like GM posts in battle.net forums with a great style, using [bluequote][/bluequote].

  • Warcraft Bundle

    Warcraft Bundle for WordPress. World of Warcraft collection pages and widgets for WordPress.

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  • WoW-Character-Display

    The WoW-Character-Display plugin shows many informations from the WoW armory in a widget or post. High configurable for single characters and guilds!

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  • WoW Progress FR

    Un widget pour l'avancee PVE WOW.

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  • WoW Recruit

    World of Warcraft player recruitment

  • World of Warcraft Recent Achievements

    Display your most recent World of Warcraft Achievements

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  • Metaverse ID

    Display your identity from around the metaverse!

  • World of Warcraft Recruitment – Legion

    A World of Warcraft Recruitment - Legion Recruitment plugin. Simple and easy to use.

  • World of Warcraft TCG Card Tooltips

    Easily transform World of Warcraft card names into links that show the card information in a tooltip when hovering over then.

  • World of Warcraft PvP Widget

    Simple widget for displaying PvP ratings of chosen World of Warcraft character.

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  • WoW Hunter's Hall Feed Widget

    Loads the RSS feed from WoW Hunter's Hall on your site with as little configuration as possible.

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Should we add any world of warcraft plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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