12 Best WordPress Wp-cron Plugins

  • WP Crontrol

    WP Crontrol lets you view and control what's happening in the WP-Cron system.

  • WP-Cron Control

    This plugin allows you to take control over the execution of cron jobs.

  • Advanced Cron Manager - debug & control

    Advanced manager for WordPress Cron tasks and schedules. Adding, removing and viewing with a few clicks.

  • DX-auto-publish

    Automatic batch timing post. ???????????

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  • Tweet Wheel Lite

    Tweet Wheel plugin helps you to share your WordPress posts, pages, products and any post type on Twitter automatically without your supervision.

  • Easycron

    Utilize EasyCron's API to configure a cron job that will trigger WordPress's cron script(wp-cron.php) periodically.

  • AsynCRONous bbPress Subscriptions

    Email notifications done right. No BCC lists, no added page load time, better performance.

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  • MultiSite System Cron

    For WordPress MultiSite installs, allows accurate and private system crontab requests instead of classic WP-Cron.

  • WP Dead Man's Snitch

    Integrates with http://deadmanssnitch.com to notify you if your WP-Cron has stopped working.

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  • Cron Manager by Duo Leaf

    Allows you to manage cron task/jobs/schedules easily.

  • Personal Newsletter

    Customizable autosended (wp-cron) newsletters for each user, using PHP directly on the newsletter (thought to use user_meta).

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  • SetCron

    SetCron allows you to schedule cronjobs on your wordpress admin panel via an automator. This service entitles you to 1 free cronjob but you do need to

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