13 Best WordPress Wp_query Plugins

  • Ajax Load More - Infinite Scroll

    A powerful solution to add infinite scroll functionality to your website

  • Easy Query - A Query Builder Plugin

    Easy Query is the fastest and simplest way to build WordPress queries without touching a single line of code.

  • Post-lister

    Displays a custom list of posts or comments.

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  • Query Inside Post

    Displays a custom list of posts to the current one.

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  • WP Ajax Query

    Allow you to query the WordPress database and retrieve a JSON response

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  • Filter RSS Feed

    This plugin will help you to filter the RSS feed list by category and post type.

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  • WPQuery Shortcode

    A lightweight plugin that wraps the functionality of WP_Query in an easy-to-use shortcode.

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  • Views Output Formats

    Export your WordPress data in XML and JSON formats easily!

  • Filter Search Page

    This plugin will help you to filter the search page results by category and post type.

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  • DZS Custom WP Query Shortcode

    This plugin creates a custom wp_query via a shortcode. Accepts any parameter of WP_Query

  • Query from Content Shortcode

    Better than a simple "Related Posts" plugin. Feature specific posts and categories inside your post-content using basic shortcode

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  • WP Query Generator

    Generate queries from wp-admin

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  • Inject Query Posts

    Inject an array of posts into a WP query object as if queried, particularly useful to allow use of standard template tags.

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