12 Best WordPress Xbox Plugins

  • Social Icons Widget by WPZOOM

    Social Icons Widget to displays links to social sharing websites. Supports more than 80 sites and includes 400 icons.

  • XBOX Gamertag Widget

    This plugin creates a widget that allows you to place your XBOX Live Gamertag on your sidebar.

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  • Xbox Live Widget

    A widget that displays gamercard or tree different types of avatar full body, icon large or icon small. It uses the official Xbox live URLs.

  • MyGamerTag

    Display Your Xbox Live Statistics In A Widget.

  • My Xbox Profile

    Xbox 360 Gamercard Plugin, that displays your Xbox 360 gamertag details anywhere on your website.

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  • Destiny Player Display

    Destiny Player Display provides a widget/shortcode to display your Destiny scorecard on the Wordpress platform.

  • GameBattles Gamer Tags

    Displays your GameBattles XboX Live Gamer Tag for your clans roster of players

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  • GameBattles Roster

    Displays the GameBattles stats for your clans roster of players

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  • ThreeSixtyVoice

    ThreeSixtyVoice is a Wordpress plugin developed from the initial ideas behind the 360Voice plugin by David Larrabee of Squidpunch.com.

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  • XBOX Gamertag

    Display your XBOX 360 Gamertag on your sidebar.

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  • MarcTV Achievement Unlocked

    Displays a graphical achievement unlocked message at the bottom of an article.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite xbox plugins missing from our list.

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