17 Best WordPress Xprofile Plugins

  • AutoChimp

    Keep website users and MailChimp mailing lists in sync and create campaigns from posts.

  • Export User Data

    Export users data, metadata and buddypress xprofile data to a csv or Excel file

  • Author Avatars List

    Display lists of user avatars using widgets or shortcodes.

  • Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type

    Buddypress 2.0 required! This plugin add custom field types to Buddypress Xprofile extension. Field types are: Birthdate, Email, Url, ...

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  • Buddypress xProfile Rich Text Field

    Buddypress xProfile Rich Text Field adds a Rich-text Editor custom field type to Extended Profiles in BuddyPress.

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  • BP XProfile WordPress User Sync

    Replaces the default BuddyPress xProfile Name field with First Name and Last Name fields and keeps these in sync with WordPress user profile fields.

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  • BuddyPress Group-O-Matic

    BuddyPress Group-O-Matic automatically adds members to groups based on extended profile field responses.

  • BuddyPress XProfile Image Field

    This plugin allows you to add fields of type Image to user profile screens without having to write any custom code. No configuration required.

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  • Bp Force Profile

    A plugin to force buddypress users to complete the required fields of their profiles

  • BuddyPress Profile Widget for Blogs

    BuddyPress Profile Widget for Blogs is a BuddyPress plugin which allows blog admins to show their BuddyPress profile on their blogs.

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  • BP XProfile Shortcode

    Adds Shortcode for BuddyPress XProfile data

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  • CiviCRM WordPress Profile Sync

    CiviCRM WordPress Profile Sync keeps a WordPress and BuddyPress user profile in sync with a CiviCRM contact.

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    Advanced Export/Import (Wordpress) Object Users: Make a full user backup, restore wherever you want!

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite xprofile plugins.

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