10 Best WordPress Xslt Plugins

  • Better RSS Feeds

    Make your RSS feeds look better and get more RSS subscribers. Before and after screenshots »

  • Advanced RSS

    Create advanced, fully customizable RSS feed widgets. You can use this to replace the built in RSS widget or along side it. It is substantially more p

  • Amazon Machine Tags

    The plugin checks for machine tags with ISBN or ASIN numbers, gets the product data from Amazon, and displays it in the sidebar or in a blog article.

  • XData Toolkit

    The XData Toolkit is an XML/XSLT transformation engine and Database Toolkit that uses many sources including MySQL, XML, RSS Feeds and Web Services.

  • XML Documents

    Support for managing XML documents as a custom post type and displaying them with XSLT stylesheets.

  • Xslt Processor

    The plugin aims to allow XML document transformed through XSLT to be outputted in a WordPress Page. It also now allows to pass parameters to the XSL d

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  • DGE_InlineRSS

    Allows inlcusion of RSS feeds, external html etc from any source in any format, and optionally transforms the feed via XSLT.

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  • List Installed Plugins

    Lists active plugins on your blog. Can be inserted via widget, templating or replace a selected page. Output fully templatable via XSLT.

  • XSL to Feeds

    Easily feed your WordPress CMS with structured data from KML, Dspace digital assets repository metadata ... from virtually any XML source.

  • DGE_Slideshow

    Turns a collection of images (e.g. Flickr or Zooomr image feed) into a javascript-based slideshow within a Wordpress post or page.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite xslt plugins.

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