14 Most Active WordPress Actions Plugins

  • WP Security Audit Log

    Keep an audit log of all changes and under the hood WordPress activity to ensure productivity and thwart possible WordPress hacker attacks.

  • Stream

    Stream is the easiest and safest way to track content changes happening to your WordPress site and then view them in beautifully organized detail.

  • MainWP Child Reports

    The MainWP Child Report plugin tracks changes to Child sites for the Client Reports Extension.

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  • Custom css-js-php

    Write custom code for php, html, javascript and css.

  • Add Actions And Filters

    Add PHP Code to create your own Actions and Filters

  • Debug Bar Actions and Filters Addon

    This plugin adds two more tabs in the Debug Bar to display all the hooks(Actions and Filters) for the current request. Requires "Debug Bar"

  • Debug Bar Slow Actions

    Easily find out which actions and filters are the slowest during a page load.

  • wp2syslog

    wp2syslog -- Global logging facility for WordPress (WPsyslog revisited)

  • rtPanel Hooks Editor

    This plugin adds hooks-editing interface in theme options for "rtPanel Theme Framework" - https://wordpress.org/themes/rtpanel

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  • Error Log Viewer by BestWebSoft

    Now it's easy to work with log files and folders on the WordPress server.

  • Prioritize Hooks

    Prioritize Hooks allows the overriding of the priority of various filters and actions hooked by plugins and themes.

  • oik-bwtrace

    Debug trace for WordPress, including action and filter tracing

  • hooks

    Displays WordPress plugins hooks information

  • Admin Command Palette

    Optimize WordPress admin navigation with a modal window to search for and navigate directly to WordPress admin pages.

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