10 Most Active WordPress Activate Plugins

  • User Meta Manager

    Add, edit, or delete user meta data with this handy plugin. Easily restrict access or insert user meta data into posts or pages and more. Get the Pro

  • Show/Hide Content at Set Time

    Shortcodes to wrap around text, which specify at what date or time that content should appear or disappear, either once, or on a recurring basis.

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  • Unconfirmed

    Allows WordPress admins to manage unactivated users, by activating them manually, deleting their pending registrations, or resending the activation em

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  • Ajax Plugin Helper

    An Ajax Plugin Helper for the WordPress admin plugin page. Adds Ajax activate, deactivate, delete and upgrade functionality.

  • MDC Theme Switcher

    Allow visitors to choose and preview from available themes from front-end. Different themes for different visitors simultaneously!

  • WP Login Flow

    Completely customize the flow (and look) of the core WordPress wp-login.php, including background, logo, custom permalinks (instead of wp-login.php),

  • MU Plugins Tool

    MU Plugins Tool allows you to activate or deactivate any MU (must-use) plugins that are installed - on an individual basis or all at once.

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  • Bulk Deactivate

    Bulk deactivate and activate WordPress plugins. Saves which plugins were deactivated.

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  • Reveal Network Activated Plugins

    Displays Network-Activated and Must-Use (MU) plugins, and Drop-ins on the Installed Plugins Admin panel for individual sites of a WordPress Network.

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  • Time Limited Account

    With this plugin you can time limite the users accounts registered on your website for a specific amount of time.

Should we add any activate plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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