18 Most Active WordPress Adopt-me Plugins

  • WP Ajax Edit Comments

    Allow users to edit comments for a limited time, while admins can edit all comments.

  • Gravity Forms Google Analytics Event Tracking

    Add Google Analytics Event Tracking to your Gravity Forms in less than 5 minutes! Requires PHP 5.3+.

  • Eazyest Gallery

    Eazyest Gallery extends WordPress media featuring folders, subfolders, comments, slideshows, ftp-upload, and many more features.

  • Lazyest Gallery

    Maybe the second-best Gallery plugin for WordPress

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  • Quote Comments

    Creates a little quote icon in comment boxes which, when clicked, copies that comment to the comment box wrapped in blockquotes.

  • TentBlogger Vimeo, YouTube, RSS Embed

    Plugin is not maintained.

  • Domain Mapping System

    Domain Mapping System allows to map domains to WP pages and/or custom types.

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  • Shopify Importer

    Import products from a Shopify.com online store into your blog.

  • Carousel Gallery

    Replaces your stock WordPress gallery with a carousel.

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  • TentBlogger Simple SEO Sitemap

    A simple SEO sitemap.

  • Bootstrap Admin

    A clean, minimalistic administration theme based on Twitter's Bootstrap

  • Microformat Shiv

    Adds the Microformat Shiv API to your website.

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  • Genealogy

    Map out your family relationships using the Genealogy plugin.

  • Dashboard Tweaks


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  • Volusion

    Integrate the great Volusion hosted ecommerce shopping cart into WordPress.

  • BNS Add Style

    Adds an enqueued custom stylesheet to the active theme (retired plugin).

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  • Lottery Results

    Feature daily lottery results on your website.

  • Widgetable

    Widgetable allows you to specify exactly which custom widgets you want on a per page/post basis.

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