16 Most Active WordPress Adserver Plugins

  • Simple Ads Manager

    Advertisement rotation system with a flexible logic of displaying advertisements.

  • Advertising Manager

    Easily place and rotate ads on inside your blog posts, templates, or sidebar widgets. Simple to use, powerful features. Used by thousands of blogs.

  • AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin

    The AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin is a simple plugin that allows you to display ads on your WordPress site.

  • CM Ad Changer

    Manage, Track and Report the Advertising Campaigns and Banners on Your Site. Turn your WP into an Ad Server!

  • Adwit Banner Manager

    Insert ad spots into your blog and sidebar in one click! ABM is a very simple and powerful ad manager with exclusive optimization tools.

  • Ultimate Ads Manager

    Manage Advertisements like a Pro.

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  • Custom Ads Management

    Custom Ads Management helps you create Ads on front-end with many options like Text Widgets, Sidebar, Short Codes etc provided by AgileInfoways.com

  • Square Link

    Ajoutez et gérez facilement vos emplacements publicitaires Square Link sur votre site.

  • SAM Pro (Free Edition)

    Ads management system for Wordpress

  • mySimpleAds Wordpress Ad Manager

    The wordpress plugin will allow you to easily place your mySimpleAds Ads anywhere into posts, pages, or templates.

  • OmniAds

    Injects ads of any type to your wordpress blog in every place you like.

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  • Widget Adserver

    Rentabiliza tu pagina web en unos minutos con Widget Adserver. Las creatividades apareceran en unos minutos. Puedes escoger entre varias dimensiones.

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  • Goracash

    Goracash, part of Wengo - Vivendi Group, is an affiliate program that allows you to monetize your traffic and earn money with it.

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  • Asset Tracker

    This plugin generates a series of images (assets) based on the current page's content, and displays them in an order of relavence.

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  • DCCODE OpenX Revival Adserver

    DCCODE OpenX Revival Adserver makes it easy to show OpenX/Revive ads on your Wordpress Site!

  • Ads EZ

    Ads EZ is personal ad server with numerous features. It centralizes your banner ads in one location, and provides a modern interface to manage them.

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