10 Most Active WordPress Author Description Plugins

  • Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup

    Give identity to your single or multi-author WordPress website with Fancier Author Box - The Only Author Box Plugin You'll Ever Need.

  • Simple Author Box

    Adds a cool responsive author box with social icons on your posts.

  • Sexy Author Bio

    A WordPress author bio plugin that adds a sexy, custom about the author box below your posts for single and multiple authors.

  • WP Author Box Lite

    Awesome Author box that you'll fall inlove with!

  • Author Bio Shortcode

    Provides the [author_bio] shortcode for embedding the bio of an author anywhere in the post/page content.

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  • Author Box Plugin With Different Description

    The Plugin will add an author box to your site. It also gives a flexibility to add different description for the same author according to the post.

  • Advanced Author Bio

    Adds a short author bio after every single post on your blog. Also, enables HTML formatting tags in author description and adds Facebook, Twitter, Goo

  • Birds Author Box

    This plugin adds an author box below the post or/and the page content.

  • Author Box Creator

    An easy way to place an author box on your Wordpress site.

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  • Individual Multisite Author

    This plugin enables individual author descriptions for each single blog in a multisite network.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite author description plugins.

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