18 Most Active WordPress Birthday Plugins

  • Countdown Clock

    Display an animated countdown clock on your sidebar. Select from several clock designs, colors, sizes, pictures and animations. Responsive plugin, ser

  • Wordpress Countdown Timer

    Wordpress plugin to add a countdown timer to your website. Display a timer and countdown to any day, time, or event.

  • Team Members & Company Staff - Employee Spotlight

    Employee Spotlight is a fully responsive plugin to showcase and manage your team members, staff in a beautiful, and powerful way.

  • YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System

    YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System offers an automatic way to send a coupon to your users according to specific events.

  • A Year Before

    "A Year Before" shows a list of articles, which were written a certain time ago. So you can show in a history, what happend in your blog in

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  • Simple Count Down

    Simple configurable widgetized count down plugin.

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  • Born On This Day

    Adds a sidebar widget that display famous people born on this day in history.

  • Wp Clock Counter

    Wp Clock Counter Plugin Super Lightweight, Fully Responsive and easy to install.

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  • List of participants

    CLOSE! Please do not download. Old version.

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  • WooCommerce Birthday Reminder

    Send an email to the users with birthday in the current month and to the users with birthday in the current day.

  • WP FEvents Book

    Creates unlimited number of Events that can be booked by users.

  • Season Greetings

    Season Greetings for your blog!

  • Baby Age

    Show baby's age.

  • Age Shortcode

    EN: Insert Author Age per Shortcode DE: Alter des Autors per Shortcode einfügen

  • Khoyaa Wishes

    Best Birthday, New Year, Condolence, Valentines day, Fathers-Mothers Day and Other Wishes or Greetings Feed Wordpress Plugin

  • PCF Birthday Countdown

    A simple plugin that creates an easy to use birthday countdown for your WordPress sites.

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  • Birthday Emails

    Automatically send an email to users on their birthday.

  • HollyStock Celebrities

    Display the top celebrity prices from HollyStock.com along with the day's current celebrity birthdays.

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