19 Most Active WordPress Block Spam Plugins

  • Spam Free WordPress

    Todd Lahman's comment spam blocking plugin that blocks automated spam with zero false positives.

  • WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

    An exceptionally powerful WordPress anti-spam plugin that eliminates comment spam, trackback spam, contact form spam & registration spam.

  • Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft

    This plugin allows you to implement Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) into web forms.

  • WP Anti Spam

    WP Anti Spam can anti automated spambots or anti spams by"comment","ip","name","email","url".

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  • AlphaOmega Captcha & Anti-Spam Filter

    Provides Visually Appealing Captchas to Enhance and Secure your WordPress pages. Fortified with ANTI-SPAM FILTER Protection and SPAM COUNTER.

  • En Spam

    Block spam with cookies and JavaScript. All Spambots will remain away from your blog. Without settings or Captcha, install and forget the spam.

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  • MP Spam Be Gone

    MP Spam Be Gone is the simplest, most effective Spam blocker.

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  • WP Spam Fighter

    Comment spam prevention without moderation, captchas or questions

  • WP Simple SpamCheck

    This plugin allows WordPress to block over 95% of spam comments using a time-based hash.

  • Advanced Wordpress Security

    The Advanced Wordpress Security plugin Developed by World Web Arts to protect your wordpress website from virus and malicious attack by permission set

  • WP Block Referrer Spam

    Block 250+ spam sites, such as semalt.com and 4webmasters.org! Keep your website safe and your Google Analytics statistics clean and accurate.

  • WP Graphic Captcha Protection (by SiteGuarding.com)

    Adds Graphic Captcha Protection field for login, registration, lost password, comments pages. Perfect antispam solution for your website.

  • Block Referer Spam

    Blocks referer/referral spam from accessing your site and cleans up your Google Analytics in the process!

  • SpamLord

    Upon activation, SpamLord eliminates the potential for automated spam comments, as well as trackback spam.

  • NoMoreCaptchas

    Stop spam bots from registering, logging in, filling out contact forms and commenting on your site without using annoying Captcha codes or puzzles.

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  • WP referrer spam blacklist (Ghost Spam in Google Analytics)

    WordPress plugin to fight with 300 referrer spammers (like semalt, buttons-for-website and many more).

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  • Block Spam Comments

    Detect and Block spam comments.

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  • SiteBrains Interactive Spam Blocker

    SiteBrains blocks spam posts using a completely configurable set of rules. Both interactively as the user types and on our servers upon submission.

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  • No Captcha in Comments

    Are you frustrated by using CAPTCHAS in comments? We provide you a good and simple solution to combat bot spam and human spam without captcha or calcu

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