19 Most Active WordPress Browser Plugins

  • WassUp Real Time Analytics

    Analyze your visitors traffic with real-time statistics, a lot of chronological information, charts, a sidebar widget.

  • Counterize

    Counter and statistics plugin for WordPress.

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  • FileBrowser

    File/Folder Browser for WP Backend

  • Visitors Traffic Real Time Statistics

    Best statistics plugin for WordPress to display your site statistics & traffic. easy to install and working fine.

  • Counterize II

    Simple counter-plugin with no external libs based on Counterize II by Steffen Forkmann (http://www.navision-blog.de/counterize) - saves timestamp, vis

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  • CyStats

    WordPress blog statistics plugin

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  • Advanced Browser Check

    Tell IE users to change browser? Or is your site for Chrome only? Now you choose what browsers should trigger a warning popup or not on your site.

  • YouTube for WordPress

    YouTube for WordPress is a complete, all in one, YouTube solution for WordPress installations.

  • PHP Browser Detection

    PHP Browser Detection is a WordPress plugin used to detect a user's browser. Please report any bugs on the support forums.

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  • Quick Favicon

    Quick Favicon makes it easy to set up icons for your WordPress site. Favicons! iOS Icons! Android Icons! Windows 8.x Tiles! And more!

  • Browser Specific CSS

    The Browser Specific CSS Plugin allows you to easily target specific browsers and operating systems from your theme's stylesheet using regular cs

  • WP BrowserUpdate

    This plugin informs website visitors to update their out-dated browser in an unobtrusive way.

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  • Internet Explorer Alert!

    Version: 4.0 Can Detect Internet Explorer and Suggest for Recommended Web Browser

  • Wordpress CSS Drop-down Menu

    Use Wordpress' nav menu system to create left/right widget flyouts, with support for Superfish

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  • IE6 No More

    Applies the ie6nomore.com code that encourages IE6 users to upgrade to a more modern browser.

  • EsAudioPlayer

    This is a simple, cross-browser, accessible audio player (MP3 player) plugin.

  • Browser Blocker

    Browser Blocker allows you to pick and choose which browsers(versions) can access your web page and which ones are given a blocked splash screen.

  • Browser Rejector

    Notify, or optionally block, site visitors that they are using an outdated web browser, so you can use html5, css3, etc. freely.

  • WP jQuery Pager

    Add a booklet with turnable pages using the built-in WordPress gallery.

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite browser plugins.

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