19 Most Active WordPress Character Plugins

  • Full UTF-8

    Trustfully write anything in your language. Stop worrying about truncated content.

  • Limit Post Titles

    Limit post titles (including pages and custom post types) within the WordPress dashboard.

  • WoW Armory Character

    Pulls character information from the WoW community API and displays it.

  • WP-301

    Easily 301 redirect any page or URL on your website to a new location anywhere on the internet.

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  • Content character count live

    Counts charaters live while you write your content. Works for any kind of "post type" out of the box.

  • WoW-Character-Display

    The WoW-Character-Display plugin shows many informations from the WoW armory in a widget or post. High configurable for single characters and guilds!

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  • Guild Wars 2 Character List

    Users can manage their own Guild Wars 2 characters. A list of all characters can be integrated in any post or page.

  • Limit Bio

    The Limit Bio plugin allows you to quickly limit the character count on the biographical information field on the edit profile page of your site.

  • Dynamic Home Length

    This plugin adjusts the number of posts per page of the front page based on the total number of texts in all recent posts so that its height would be

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  • Decon Character Counter

    Counts the title, content, and excerpt characters while you edit your post or page (even in Quick Edit).

  • gw2pcl - Guild Wars 2 Player's Character List

    Users can manage their own Guild Wars 2 characters. A list of all characters or all characters of one player can be integrated in any post or page.

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  • Word count with double-byte character

    Fixed the word count of post content on your admin page.

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  • Final Fantasy XI Character Profile

    This plugin adds a widget that displays information on your Final Fantasy XI character.

  • Vampire Character Manager

    For managing characters for LARPs and online vampire games.

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  • Corner Bracket Lover

    Corner Bracket Lover converts all curly quotation marks (“” and ‘’) in your posts to traditional corner brackets (?? and ??).

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Let us know below in the comments if we missed any character plugins in our list.

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