18 Most Active WordPress Color Scheme Plugins

  • Adminimize

    Adminimize that lets you hide 'unnecessary' items from the WordPress backend

  • Fluency Admin

    Give your WordPress admin the Fluency look, Fluency 3.2 is the latest update and is ONLY compatible with WP 3.2.x.

  • Color Scheme every Theme

    This plugin lets you change the entire color scheme of the current theme via the theme customizer.

  • WP Admin Color Schemes

    Get even more WordPress Admin Color Schemes to bring some personality to your WP dashboard.

  • Theme Helper

    Theme Helper improved the Theme frameworks development accessible, removing the need for programming or design knowledge by creating a option panel.

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  • Admin Bar Color

    Use your favorite Dashboard color scheme on the front end admin bar.

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  • Admin UI Simplificator

    The plugin simplifies the WordPress admin user interface by hiding most of the WordPress menus.

  • WP Admin Classic Colors

    Add a new admin color scheme to your WP site, similar to WordPress classical light grey and blue colors of admin page.

  • SyntaxHighlighter - Spacegray

    A nice Color Scheme for "SyntaxHighlighter Evolved" based on "Spacegray", the lovely Theme for Sublime Text 2/3.

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  • Quick admin color scheme picker

    Lets you quickly switch between admin color schemes from the "howdy menu." Happy Birthday Sara Cannon! [Contribute to development on GitHub

  • Admin Color Schema

    Enable wordpress theme to add its own admin color schemas directly from theme

  • Solarized Admin Color Scheme

    Make admin pages solarized, ease your eyes.

  • Paint Color Insert Tool

    Insert a button into the editor which opens a popup window letting users insert images and links of paint color matches from MyPerfectColor.com.

  • CSS:Greyscaper Admin color schemes

    Greyscaper admin CSS for WordPress 2.5+.

  • Under Construction Admin Color Scheme

    Under Construction is a color scheme for Wordpress Admin, using strong blacks and garish yellows. With stripes.

    no screenshot found
  • Ozh & COLOURlovers' Admin CSS Designer

    Make your own Admin CSS with a little help from COLOURlovers. Edit, tweak and save CSS real time!

    no screenshot found
  • Admin Colors Plus Visited

    Variations on the built-in admin color schemes. Shows visited links in a different color for easy tracking of dashboard news items not yet read.

    no screenshot found
  • Aquila Admin Color Scheme

    The Aquila admin area design and color scheme.

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