18 Most Active WordPress Content Monetization Plugins

  • Tinypass

    Tinypass is the best way to charge for access to content on your WordPress site.

  • Video Player

    Upload, manage and embed videos with Video Player. All-in-one video content management, HTML5 video player and monetization.

  • Videe.TV Video Monetization

    Videe.TV is a free of cost solution with a VAST/VPAID compliant player, a video content library & monetization opportunities in a single package!

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  • AdWork Media EZ Content Locker

    Easily integrate your AdWork Media Content Lockers & Link Lockers into your WordPress site.

  • CoinTent Paywall  

    CoinTent’s paywall makes it easy to sell your articles, videos, or posts through subscriptions or micropayments

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  • Fliiby

    Fliiby embed plugin. Allows you to easily upload, embed and monetize videos, photos, audios, flash games, documents and files on your site/blog.

  • LaterPay

    Sell digital content with LaterPay. It allows super easy and fast payments from as little as 5 cent up to 149.99 Euro at a 15% fee and no fixed costs.

  • MediaPass Subscriptions

    Version: 2.1 Easily charge for articles, blogs, or videos (and make 3-10x more money) using MediaPass Publisher Dashboard.

  • Share+ by Grouptivity

    Not just another sharing plugin. Share+ gives readers a simple way to save, share and discover your top content with friends, family and co-workers.

  • BitMonet

    Open-source microtransactions platform to monetize digital content with nearly zero transaction fees!

  • Subscription Genius Plugin

    Simple but powerful paywall solution complete with checkout and registration systems. Designed by publishers for publishers.

  • BitWall

    BitWall is the best way for publishers and bloggers to monetize their Wordpress sites.

  • Wordpress Paywall

    Make it easy for you to monetize premium content on your site through new reading experience.

  • Cent2Cent Content Monetization

    Cent2Cent for WordPress helps you to make money with your digital content. It allows you to easily charge for your text, images and videos.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite content monetization plugins.

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