19 Most Active WordPress Converter Plugins

  • FG Joomla to WordPress

    A plugin to migrate categories, posts, tags, images and other medias from Joomla to WordPress

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  • WooSidebars Sidebar Manager Converter

    Use the WooSidebars Sidebar Manager Converter to convert your sidebars from the WooFramework's old Sidebar Manager to the new WooSidebars plugin.

  • Vice Versa

    Convert Pages to Posts and Vice Versa

  • Post Type Converter

    Allows you to convert the post type of objects while in the edit screen.

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  • Taxonomy Converter

    Copy or convert terms between taxonomies.

  • Convert WP Database to UTF-8

    Converts the WordPress database (both tables and columns) to UTF-8 character set.

  • BiND for WordPress theme converter

    This plug-in converts the WordPress template created by "BiND for WebLiFE 6" into WordPress Theme files.

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  • FG PrestaShop to WooCommerce

    A plugin to migrate PrestaShop e-commerce solution to WooCommerce

  • UTF-8 Database Converter

    Easily Converts the WordPress database from any type of character set to UTF-8 character set.

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  • Joomla/Mambo To Wordpress Migrator

    A plugin to migrate content from Joomla/Mambo to Wordpress.

  • Currency Converter Rub

    This widget displays the Russian ruble, according to central bank (cbr).

  • Post Type Convertr

    A bulk conversion utility for post types and taxonomies.

  • FG Magento to WooCommerce

    A plugin to migrate your Magento e-commerce store to WooCommerce

  • Euro FxRef Currency Converter

    Adds the [currency] and [currency_legal] shortcodes to convert currencies based on the ECB reference exchange rates.

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  • Taxonomy Switcher

    Switch the taxonomy for all terms or only child terms of a specified parent term.

  • CurrencyConverter

    More than 170+ currency rates. The data about currency rates is free and updates each hour automatically.

  • FG SPIP to WordPress

    A plugin to migrate categories, articles, news, and images from SPIP to WordPress

  • curreX

    curreX is an AJAX powered Currency Conversion widget for WordPress sidebars.

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  • Joomla Importer

    Joomla to WordPress Plugin is an intuitive 4 step process to import Joomla into WordPress. No Restriction; import unlimited articles with multimedia.

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