20 Most Active WordPress Current Plugins

  • Today's Date

    Display The Current Date In A Customizable Format

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  • Wordpress Video

    Gives the opportunity to embed in post any video from: Youtube.com, videos.sapo.pt, google, vimeo.com and more!!!!

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  • Preload Current Images

    Preload images on the current page to make them load faster.

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  • Remove Link to Current Page

    Removes the link from the current page in wp_list_pages()

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  • Current Template File

    Displays the current template file (and template parts if any) in WordPress admin toolbar

  • Show Star Sign Widget

    A sidebar widget to display a star sign - yours, or the current sign.

  • MyMood

    MyMood is Wordpress Plugin used to show your status message to your visitor .

  • scORE!

    Publish scores, movie ratings, current values, or other ratings on a post. Based on 'punts' plugin by Carles Company Soler (email : e3128927@est.fib.u

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  • LS IceCast ONAIR

    Shortcode to display onair song fetched from IceCast server (v2).

  • Post List Widget

    Adds a list of posts of the current page. when you click on one, it smoothly scrolls to the post.

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  • MyStatus

    A Simple Wordpress plug-in which enables you to show a current status/mood on your website.

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  • MyAvailStatus

    MyAvailStatus is a WordPress plugin for showing the availability status of the site owner.

  • Current Twitter Trends

    Share current trends on Twitter to your site visitors

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  • CurrentStatus

    This plugin is used to show your current "status" and "mood" on blog.

  • Your Current Location On Map

    Displays your current location in map with accuracy. Your Current Location On Map plugin is very easy to use,mobile friendly,responsive.

Should we add any current plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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