14 Most Active WordPress Cyrillic Plugins

  • Cyr-To-Lat

    Converts Cyrillic characters in post, page and term slugs to Latin characters.

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  • Cyr to Lat enhanced

    Converts Cyrillic, European and Georgian characters in post, page and term slugs to Latin characters.

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  • Cyr-And-Lat

    Allows to use both "old" cyrillic and "new" latin slugs at the same time. Now it works for terms (tags and categories slugs) too.

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  • Filenames to latin

    Sanitize filenames to latin during upload.

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  • Wordpress Special Characters in Usernames

    Enables usernames containing special characters (russian, cyrillic, arabic) on your Wordpress Blog.

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  • wp-cyr-cho | ?????????? ???????? ??????? ? ?????????

    ?????????? ???????? ? ????????? ??????? (?? ????????? ?? ??????????????)

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  • SrbTransLatin

    SrbTransLatin handles using Serbian language Cyrillic and Latin script. For Cyrillic content, visitor may choose to view it using Cyrillic or Latin.

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  • Clean Filenames

    Removes or replace international or special characters that can make your filenames not compliant with some servers or services.

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  • Allow Cyrillic Usernames

    Allows users to register with Cyrillic usernames.

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  • WP Translit

    Transliterate text in posts and pages from Serbian Cyrillic to Latin script. Visitor can select output script from widget.

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  • Strings Sanitizer

    Aggressively sanitizes titles for clean, SEO friendly post slugs, and media filenames during upload.

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  • real.Kit

    ????? ?????????? ? ????????? WordPress | Kit of additions and improvements for WordPress

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  • Bulglish Permalinks

    This plugin converts Bulgarian cyrillic characters in slugs to Latin characters, according to the official rules for transliteration.

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  • Cyr2Lat Slugs

    Converts Cyrillic letters in post slugs to human-readable Latin phonetic equivalent.

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Let us know below in the comments if we missed any cyrillic plugins in our list.

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