15 Most Active WordPress Default Plugins

  • Capability Manager Enhanced

    A simple way to manage WordPress roles and capabilities.

  • WordPress Database Reset

    A plugin that allows you to skip the 5 minute installation and reset WordPress's database back to its original state.

  • Custom Meta Widget

    Clone of the standard Meta widget plus options to hide log in/out, admin, feed and WordPress.org/custom links.

  • Facebook Thumb Fixer

    Fixes the problem of the missing (or wrong) thumbnail when a post is shared on Facebook.

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  • Quick Featured Images

    Your time-saving Swiss Army Knife for featured images: Set, replace and delete them in bulk, set default images, get overview lists.

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  • No Image Link

    Defaults the Image Link option to 'none' when adding a picture to a page or post.

  • Simple add pages or posts

    Plugin to simply add multiple posts or pages at once by entering their titles. Handy tool if you have a new blog and want to quickly add pages..

  • Clean WP Dashboard

    Easily remove any/all of the default WordPress dashboard widgets

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  • Wordpress Auto Featured Image

    Choose an image from your library and set this for default featured image for page, post and custom post types.

  • Wordpress Default Category

    Auto select categories for new posts based on user or site-wide settings.

  • Categories in Hierarchical Order

    This plugin maintains the hierarchical order of categories list in Category tab under your WordPress admin post editor

  • Restore jQuery

    Restore the loaded jQuery library to the version bundled with WordPress.

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  • Default Author Category

    Allows each user profile to set a default category for whenever they create a post overriding the site wide default category. Each profile will have

  • Default Image Settings

    Change default settings for image size, link to and align for images inserted into posts. Allows you to remove the link on images by default.

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  • YD Network-wide Options

    Automatically replicate any plugin setting network-wide: apply sitewide settings. Spread your settings or options on all your multisite blogs. Options

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite default plugins.

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